Umbrella Insurance

At Southwestern Insurance Group, we write quotes for umbrella insurance to help you protect your assets. Our umbrella insurance is a supplemental policy. It takes effect after your standard policies, such as home and auto insurance, reach their liability limits. Our umbrella insurance protects you from significant liability claims and lawsuits that may result in substantial financial losses. Our agents are professional and attentive. They will listen to you, understand your needs, and provide you with the most appropriate quote for your situation. We believe that every client has unique needs that deserve special attention. The following are some of our umbrella insurance coverages.

Personal Liability Claims

Our umbrella insurance may protect you from liability claims if someone sues you for shock/mental anguish, false arrest or imprisonment, libel, slander.

Rental Units

If you own rental units, our umbrella insurance policies may protect you from financial losses as a landlord. If accidents happen in your rental property, you may be legally liable for the medical payments of the affected parties. Our umbrella insurance policies may compensate you for the costs.

Property Damage Liability

Our umbrella insurance may help you pay for extra property damage liability. If, for example, you cause damage to other people’s vehicles or property during an auto accident, the repair costs may exceed the limits of your auto insurance policy. Our umbrella insurance policy may help you pay for the extra costs.

Bodily Injury Liability

Our umbrella insurance offers you additional bodily injury liability. It covers the extra medical fees when you are legally liable for an accident. If a neighbor is injured while on your property, you may be responsible for their medical fees. If the medical costs are high, they may exceed the limits of your home insurance. Our umbrella insurance pays for the extra costs.

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Tennessee Umbrella Insurance Coverage

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